Muziek – DJ Poison Yvy

Drum and bass/ Dubstep DJ resident @ Drop! & SubCity


In 1999 Yvette Drenth a.k.a Poison Yvy fell hopelessly in love with drum & bass, mainly triggerd by the Forms parties in Arnhem at he Goudvishal. When the interest grew into an obsession she packed her sleeping back every weekend to visit one or more drum & bass parties. After several years of continuous raving it became clear to her; she needed some decks, and fast!

Coming from a musical family and beeing able to read musical notes before anything else (thanks to her grandfather), the urge to mix became like one of the first necessitie of life. After contacting someone via a forum she learned the basics. Not much later, in 2007, a good friend lended her some money so she could finally get her own decks. It all went very fast after that.

She started playing little gigs in Arnhem and soon got booked for a variety of parties. It wasn’t long before the Drop! drum and bass collective from Utrecht discovered her and booked her for a DJ set. Yvy and the Drop! crew hit it off really well, and after the gig she was offered a resident spot with the Drop! crew.

Now playing more gigs and having a vast network of enthusiastic hard working people from the drum and bass and dubstep scene, she automaticly started out organizing parties and helping out other crews from the scene. After playing a set at SubCity, a dubstep party in Arnhem, she got to know the people behind the party and got offered another residentship, with the crew of SubCity.

Her real passion lies with the more edgy kind of drum and bass, the kind that’s just on the edge of still being drum and bass. You can expect heavy snarecore, oldskool ravy sounds mashed up with hardcore and raw amens.

But she is also more then happy to put up a deep oldskool dubstep show or get lost in the dreamy sounds of well produced intelligent and liquid drum and bass.



Poison Yvy is a female DJ playing both drum and bass and dubstep in all it’s sub-genres.

Typical is the use of only real vinyl records, but that may have to change pretty soon to be able to use tracks that only get released on the internet.

Muziek – DJ Poison Yvy

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